How it works

Very simply put we offer back links for your Bodybuilding or Fitness marketed website. We own a fitness blog network to link your site in our blogs.

Unlike other sites, we dont just list the domain link and thats it. We own over 20 blogs and build your SEO for content. We also dont create blogs for anything other then bodybuilding, health and fitness. All customer sites must be related to this industry.

You can view the current domain scores for some of the sites in our network. As a site loses ranking we add new domains to our directories.

This increases your ranking considerably. Check your site here.

How this works:

You sign up for an SEO package.

You email us with your order number, to submit any article, post or publication (usually 300-500 words) about your site and links in your site. You provide 20 different variations and posts.

Within 7 days your posts/articles will be posted on our blogs.

The posts should be different and contain 1 link in the post.